Shooting Range Rules

  1. "Common sense goes a long ways and so do your bullets."
  2. Point muzzles in a safe direction down-range at all times unless gun is on a gun rack or in a case.
  3. Shoot only at paper targets on the designated target holders on the backstop.
    Keep all shots out of the red painted area.
    There are metal posts, straps and wire present
    that hold up the target holders.
  4. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  5. Be sure the firearm is safe to operate.
  6. Wear eye and ear protection for your safety.
  7. When going down-range, coordinate a cease-fire and make all firearms safe.
  8. Do not litter - put all used targets, waste in the barrels and put brass in the containers.
    Leave the range ready for the next member to use upon arrival.
  9. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
  10. Posted shooting hours are from 8:00am to dusk, unless under Club events.

Safety Signal System

A system has been installed to enhance the safety of the range through visual and audible devices. This system consists of several lights, switches and other electronics. The switches are found throughout the firing points, and if any switch is engaged, the system is activated.

The system is be used whenever shooters are engaged in activities that are not being run by Range Officials. During activities run by Range Officials, the use of the system is at their discretion and may not be as described below.

The normal use of the system consists of ceasing to fire, and clearing and benching all guns, whenever the system is active. Firing is only to be done when no lights are flashing. To activate the system, any switch can be turned on. A chirp will be heard and all lights will begin to flash. This is to be done whenever someone is proceeding ahead of the firing line on any of the ranges. When all shooters have returned, the original switch is to be turned off and a verbal, "All Clear!" should be issued. If anyone proceeds forward without activating the system, a series of chirps will be heard and the lights will flash several times, alerting all shooters that someone has stepped forward of the firing line.

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