About Us

The Long Lake Fish & Game Club was established in the 1930's. The first shooting range in Town was off Kickerville Road, somewhere behind Charles Kitchen's property now. There is a trophy in the Club House showing the Club won a match in 1937 for membership drive.

Donnelly Clearing New Property
Tom Donnelly Clearing New Land
In 1953 the Club purchased the property we now occupy from the McIntyre family. This was about 4 acres. We are told Finch & Pyrne first cleared the range and pushed up the berm at the back of the property line. In 2017, the adjacent property belonging to the Mead's since 1947, was bought to protect the range and expand the use of the Club. This added another 4 acres. There is one very small parcel that sits on the road edge that is in the middle of the Club property about 50' x 40', this is now owned by Morrison J Hosley III. Originally, Ed Wallace bought this parcel for owning property in Long Lake, so that he could run for a political office in Long Lake.

We're not sure where or when the Club House came into being. This building is used for meetings and office space. Skeet shooting was active when the range first started. I remember the high and low houses. These were replaced, and trap shooting became established. The "100 Bird Shoot" in Aug has been going for 47 years. Camping is allowed for members with power and water available. The Morton maintenance building was built in 1985. Recently a concrete floor was added to make for better space. A pavilion was built to enhance the Steak Roasts, which were popular in the 70' and 80's.

2015 Black Bear Challenge
2015 Black Bear Challenge
The present improvements to the range began in 2010 with the replacement of the 100-yard canopy and shooting benches. Berms have been placed at 50 and 25 yards. In 2013 the pistol canopy and updated restrooms are added. Bullseye Pistol was first introduced in the late 1980's. Then treasurer Art Young knew Frank Wukovitz, a NYS Champion, and invited him to teach locals about the sport. There were about 20 interested people and the 20 position benches came into being. Edwin Hall, our current Club president and NRA High Master of Bullseye Pistol, along with Allen Innis designed and built the turning target system used for this sport.

With the new addition to the property, the Club will someday build an indoor range and be able to use the range as a year-round place to practice their shooting skills. Presently there are 314 members that support the Club activities.
2017 Kids Derby
2017 Kids Fishing Derby
The Club remains committed to providing events for both adults and children in Long Lake and the surrounding area. We hold a winter adult/kids ice fishing derby and a summer kids fishing event at Jennings Park Pond. For the past two years the Club and the Town of Long Lake, along with generous donors from the community, have been stocking the Pond with rainbow trout for this event. Additionally, the Club sponsors students to attend the DEC summer camps program. We hold a summer Town Community Day with various shooting events from trap to pistol shooting scheduled throughout the day.

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