New York State Outdoor Pistol Championship
North-Eastern Section
held in Long Lake

Past State Champions

Note: Much of this information was compiled from the History of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. authored by Gary A. Hungerford, CPCU, and Henry W. Ristau. Many details are still incomplete. If you have any information that can help fill in this table, please contact the club at

2016Edwin C. Hall2581-99x
2015Harvie E. Loomis2603-78x
2014Richard J. Powers, II2570-82x
2013Edwin C. Hall2582-89x
2012Edwin C. Hall2604-96x
2011Harvie E. Loomis2608-94x
2010Harvie E. Loomis2616-119x
2009Edwin C. Hall2625-120x
2008Harvie E. Loomis2614-109x
2007Gary F. Spear2617-111x
2006Gary F. Spear2626-113x
2005Chris Sobers2634-124x
2004Gary F. Spear2648-120x
2003Harvie E. Loomis2633-102x
2002John A. DiMeola2631-103x
2001Arthur R. Monahan2650-127x
2000Gary F. Spear2625-131x
1999Gary F. Spear2628-119x
1998Gary F. Spear2623-112x
1997Thomas Ginovsky2626-117x
1996Thomas Ginovsky2635-108x
1995Thomas Ginovsky2646-125x
1994Thomas Ginovsky2646-122x
1993Richard Lamb2637-135x
1992Richard Lamb2644-122x
1991Thomas Ginovsky2650-133x
1990Stephen Belke, USMC2647-155x
1989Thomas Ginovsky2627-116x
1988Not Reported-
1987Thomas Ginovsky2641-138x
1986Frank Baker2603-100x
1985Corydon B. Rich-
1984Corydon B. Rich2621-105x
1983Corydon B. Rich2633-110x
1982Corydon B. Rich2629-115x
1981George Johnsen2607-115x
1980Frank A. Wukovits2632-126x
1979Wayne Bowker2603-114x
1978Richard Crawford2634-121x
1977Richard Crawford2618-94x
1976Not Reported-
1975Richard Crawford2634-120x
1974Frank A. Wukovits2609-106x
1973Not Reported-
1972James Comley2627-102x
1971Frank A. Wukovits2607-114x
1970Frank A. Wukovits2575-58x
1969Not Reported-
1968Frank A. Wukovits2614-113x
1967Not Reported-
1966Gerald Ellingson2586-91x
1965Frank Wigmore2626-113x
1964Gerald Ellingson2593-93x
1963Huelet Benner2635-111x
1962Roger W. Robinson2579-
1961Roger W. Robinson-
1960Fran Rizzo-
1959Harvey G. Foster2532-
1958Roger Robinson2537-
1957Not Reported-
1956Not Reported-
1955M/Sgt Huelet Benner-